New Colour options - v10.0.15

  1. An ability to colour the track header the same as the event(s) that reside on it (reverse of the just introduced option to colour events the same as tracks)
  2. When the Colour Palette opens using the Track Header method, can it be positioned a bit more to the right (so you can see the actual colour bar on the Track Headers)…? This may be more due to me using a ‘smaller’ screen than most (23 inch; 1920x1080 res - laptops might struggle too.!)
  3. The Track Header Colour Palette window shows what colour is currently used (colour is highlighted by bold-white outline). Would be good if this intelligence spread to all the other Colour Palette windows too…!
  4. Colour Name labels, please
  5. Why not allow a Colour Picker (with a Right-Click) like the one in the Preferences under custom colours - and it just adds it to the palette, right there.? All that business with the Toolbar button -> Set up colours -> Options -> etc…