New computer....can I import playback templates from old computer's drive

I went and treated myself to a new computer…a Silent Base 601 case with an Intel 10 Core i9 10900X Unlocked Cascade Lake-X CPU/Processor…man this thing is fast. 64Gb of RAM and a 1Tb Samsung EVO …this thing smokes. All built by SCAN in Bolton…this thing is whisper quiet.

Just opened a project I worked with on the old computer and got a message saying ‘playback template not found’

I have the SSD from the old computer mounted in this computer. Can I navigate to a file on the SSD and import it into this new install?


Yes, you should be able to copy all the Dorico user settings files from the one to the other: key commands, default options, etc,

I’m not sure about Windows, but they’re probably in %appdata%\Steinberg\Dorico 3.5

Ben is quite correct

Thanks for the replies…I’ll try that.