New computer, can't get HALion Symphonic Orchestra to show up in HALion

I just updated to a new computer, installed everything (Cubase 10.5, HALion 6), but I can’t get HALion symphonic orchestra to load. The Library Manager claims it is registered, it is in the Elicencer, but not in Cubase. When I browse to the directory where the vstsound files are, they are maked with red, and not possible to load.

Even though I have Eastwest’s Hollywood orchestra, I actually quite like some patches on HSO, especially with the Hermode tuning, and I have paid for it, so I would like it to work.

Is there any solution?

I have a similar problem. I updated my computer, upgraded to Cubase 11, I have a license for HSO, I used library manager to download and install HSO, HSO appears in the library manager and the VSTsound files are displayed there, however, when I scan for the new instrument, HSO does not appear in the plugin manager, the media bay or the inspector. Is there a solution to this?

Has anyone found a solution?
I’m having a similar problem. Bought and downloaded HALion Symphonic Orchestra from the Steinberg site yesterday. Installation/activation went well. The app is in the Library Manager, and the eLicenser has it too. I also see the vstsound files in the HSO folder. Today, in my Steinberg account, the app is listed as activated. Yet I don’t see the app in my Applications folder, so I can’t launch it. I’m on a 16" Macbook Pro (2019) with Big Sur (11.2.2).
Thanks for any help.

HALion Symphonic Orchestra isn’t a dedicated plugin anymore, that will appear in the “VST Instruments” listing.
It’s a “content package” for HALion, HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE, so select one of the mentioned instruments (e.g. HALIon Sonic SE) and look for “HSO”.
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