New computer - Cubase 10 & 12 options?

Hi, on my old computer I have been using Cubase 10 Pro. I have a new computer, do I just download Cubase 10 Pro and install it? If I want to upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro should I download 10 first and get it working, then upgrade to 12? Will it be an expensive upgrade? Is there anything I should know before I go about these things? I’m using a PC with Windows 11. Thanks!

Hi @processing,

although Cubase 10 is no longer actively supported by Steinberg, your new PC should have no problems with running Cubase 10 (including the obligatory eLicenser software and your USB eLicenser) on Windows 11, as long as your eLicenser USB dongle is working . I’m still using Cubase 10.5 next to 11 and 12, on my current machines it runs like a charm (for older projects, on a Core i7, 3rd gen. and similarly on a Core i5, 3rd gen.).

However, upgrading to Cubase Pro 12 might be a really good idea, since the old eLicenser infrastructure will be phased out / switched off ca. one year from now (most probably, unless Steinberg decides otherwise). After this moment and most probably, you’d have to buy a full license for Cubase Pro 12 (or newer, since technical upgrades of anything up to Cubase 11 won’t be possible anymore).

Just in case: I compiled a few hints for you (just klick “Summary”).

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Typically, you’d download the Cubase Pro 10.0.60 installer, all of its bundled VST instruments and content files (all within one large ISO file) via the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA), or via the specific legacy download website:

Download Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA):

Steinberg Download Assistant | Steinberg

Download Cubase (legacy):

Cubase | Steinberg

Cubase 10 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

The latest eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) can be downloaded from here:

The new technical licensing infrastructure Steinberg introduced in early 2022 is called “Steinberg Licensing”, which would enable you as a single Cubase Pro 12 (or later) license holder to install and use Cubase (or any other product) on up to three machines, without ever having to use the USB dongle again. The new licensing client program created by Steinberg was named “Activation Manager” and needs to be used to activate any recent or future Steinberg software on a specific machine.

Download Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM), once / if you’ve acquired the upgrade license to Cubase Pro 12:

Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg

Please note: of course for any recent product and in the future you’ll also need your Steinberg ID, since both tools (Steinberg Download Assistant / SDA and Steinberg Activation Manager / SAM) both need to be enabled (via a web browser) to communicate with the Steinberg licensing servers (this fact doesn’t change, compared to the old eLicenser system).

Just in case you want to read more:

Screenshot (1) - get Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA):

Screenshot (2) - use SDA to get Cubase Pro 10 (legacy):

Screenshot (3) - download Cubase Pro 10 (legacy, full install) via website:

Screenshot (4) - update path Cubase Pro 10 to 12 (shop):

Screenshot (5) - Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM), Cubase Pro 12 activated:


Hi Markus, thanks very much for all your information and screenshots here. I followed your instructions (which were great) and put Cubase 10 on my new PC. It’s taking ages to get all my plugins and sample packs organised. Yes, the dongle thing seems back dated and I wondered how long we would need them. Works ok though. I think I might upgrade to the latest version of Cubase once I get my computer a bit more organised. Thanks again!

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Hi @processing,

many thanks for reading my rather lengthy “elaborate”, and also for marking it as the solution.

Hope Cubase Pro 10 will serve you well, as long as you decide to keep using it.
Happy editing!

As to Cubase 12 - I can only recommend it. :sun_with_face:

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