New computer- Desperate for help reinstalling Cubase 6 AI

My laptop died unexpectedly yesterday so I had to get a new one. I’m pretty lost on how to get Cubase 6 AI installed back onto this new computer. I originally got Cubase as part of the Yamaha THR amp.

I had also at one point got some kind of mp3 fix so the Cubase could mixdown to mp3 format.

I’m sorry to ask for help with this because I’m sure it’s been asked a million times but I’ve never really understood how Cubase, the elicense, and Yamaha were all tied together.



Well I’ve been able to access my hard drive of the crashed computer and copy the Cubase and Steinberg folders to the new laptop. I thought I was going to be all set but still no luck installing the program. Got an error about missing some .dll files. Damn this is frustrating. I’m pretty computer savvy but this one is giving me headaches.