New computer does not recognize my Elicenser

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Updating the eLicenser Control Center

Most USB-eLicenser issues can be solved by installing the latest eLicenser Control Center, which also contains a USB-eLicenser driver update. The latest version for your operating system is available here.

After the installation has been completed, open the eLicenser Control Center and apply the ‘Maintenance & Online Synchronization’ by clicking on “Perform Maintenance Tasks” (or click on the ‘Maintenance’ button if not shown).

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The different versions are conflicting with your key

It’s more simple: Just have the latest version of the ELC installed on any machine that is running software that uses the Elicenser.

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Don’t help boards P.O. you sometimes? Anyway, I had the same problem and tried the same diagnostic of using another computer to test if the FOB was working (in your case, the mysterious Mac). I used my other PC to test, and the red light came on. OK, fob works…

Essentially, on the Windows computer where the light won’t come on, you must delete the driver, reboot, check that the driver is not listed, and finally plug your key fob in.

  1. Go into Settings → Device Manager (use the search area if you can’t see it. Type “Device Manager”).

  2. In the device manager look for “eLicenser”. Click it and a window will open.

NOTE: In that picture of Windows 10, you can Uninstall right there with a right click and selecting “Uninstall” I think. Point is you’ll need to delete the driver.

  1. In the modal window, click the “Driver” tab.

  2. Click “Uninstall Device”. Wait. If it gets stuck, after 5 minutes, hard reboot. If it does OK, restart the computer.

  3. Go back into Device Manager and check that “eLicenser” is gone.

  4. Plug your fob in and check for red light.

Having Cubase 12 and the newer system shouldn’t affect your old stuff.

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All that’s needed is to make sure the latest Elicenser is installed on your machine, Mac or Windows.

Install the Download Assistant which will keep the Elicenser updated.