New computer does not recognize my Elicenser

I have an Elicenser which i installed on my mac about a year ago.
I got a new computer (windows 10). im trying to reinstall Cubase. But as I plug in my Elicenser, the computer doesn’t reconize it.
i installed the control center.
please help

this is what it shows

Please post an image of the Elicenser Control Center

sorry. this is the right picture.

The USB key is recognized, as can be seen in your image.

You have the wrong item selected in the list


?? that screenshot is from Windows.

yes because i didnt know how to crop the picture so i screenshot the picture again and cropped only the relavent window haha.

i can send also the oringial screenshot if you want.

My new windows PC does not recognize the USB key. I can take a picture of it but youll only see an empty control center

I have no idea what you’re getting at.

But like I said, the USB key can be seen in your screenshot.

here look. this is a picture of my elicenser control center on my current PC. the one that i would like to install my licenses.
The USB key is plugged in. and the computer sees it as “unspecified”.
the red light on the key goes of a second after I plug it in.
see my problem now?

Can’t say I know what’s going on there, but I imagine there’s a problem with the ELC installation

I would uninstall, then reinstall the ELC.

Run the installer as Admin

You’ve got two different versions of eLicenser Control Center. Update the version on your Mac.

but its the CP that isnt getting the USB key. at all. NOT THE MAC. the mac is ok.
I want the PC to recognize the USB key so i can install my license in it.

The topic is confusing because the OP posted imagers unrelated to the issue.

@Nadel2 you should try to

i tried that now. its not working.
is that when I am plugging in the USB key into my PC. the red light goes out after a few seconds and the PC shows that it does not recognize the device.

but when I plug it to my mac, it works fine.

Update the version on your Mac. The different versions are conflicting with your key. Your new PC is using the latest version. Your eLicenser is used to the old version on your Mac

I updated my mac now. Still does not work. :frowning:

This might be the most confusing topic i have read in a while.

please stop discussing the Mac, it is unrelated to the issue on the PC. I am only referring to the actual issue, which is about the PC. Not the Mac.

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I have not heard of this ever. Do you have documentation on that?

Remove the pictures with your serial showing on the licenser. You never know what can happen. Better to be safe then sorry.

Blur the serials in further pictures.

:joy: Its so true

How do I do it now?o.O