New Computer Native Instruments inssues

Brand new computer, everything getting reinstalled from scratch…I cannot get Cubase Artist 10 to recognize NI products, especially Kontakt 5 (5.8.1), although I have tried a dozen paths in the plug-in manager to all possible places where the plug-ins might be…it’s very frustrating…any help would be appreciated.

bump - did something change where between 9.5 and 10 that disallows NI products? I purchased Komplete 11 when it want on sale and installed everything easily. Now, everything goes to blacklist. help, please.

No. Have you tried simply removing them from the blacklist yet?

I can reactivate from the blacklist, yes. But, Komplete has a ton of instruments and I would prefer that Cubase recognize all the plug-ins like it did last time. These two companies products are supposed to be compatable.