New computer

I originally bought a recorder that came with cubase le 4. I upgraded to cubase 4. Later I got a new piece of equipment that included le 6. I decided to get a new lap top through ADK and they will add an upgrade to cubase 7.
They told me I had to get it registered on my original computer because that is where I have the le 6. Do I have to load cubase 7 on my old computer to register? It’s a XP operating system so I don’t think I will be able to load it. How can I register the new version on the new computer?

Sorry for the dumb question.

Don’t think it’s necessary, but you could always install LE6 on the new comp, re-authorize it and the register then upgrade.

That sounds good. I thought that might be an option, but it’s nice to hear it from someone else.

Like I said, I don’t think it’s needed. When you register C7 at MySteinberg, it will see you run LE6.

Hi speedynemo,

actually all you need to do is transfer the le6 license into your USB-eLicenser on the old computer. You don’t need Cubase 7 on the old computer, and you don’t need le6 on the new one, but you need the latest eLicenser Control Center on both computers:

Once the le6 license is in the Dongle, you can activate the upgrade and then install C7 on the new computer and everything will run ok.

Sorry if my explanation was complicated, but the process itself atually isn’t.