New Content ?

Will there be new content sets… Don’t get me wrong there is a lot to work with,
great quality sounds already in H5… would like to see dedicated sets for Acoustic Electric guitars with strum maker
build your own patterns. extensive picking etc… Bass guitars great already… but again dedicated pick, finger, fretless,

more ethnic, there is a great mey but can’t get rid of the wobble at the end … but a duduk with more control
more patches is a must for me been using imported 3 party
anyways it’s been along time with out new content set’s for H5

Bump … I can’t believe that HALion is left alone for Libraries :open_mouth:
I would consider HALion as a flag ship product… I would rather just use HALion
and Groove Agent 4 only but I been going to Kontakt for sounds as well…
Steinberg really has a Winner here !!! Its to bad they are leaving it in the cold…

More Sounds… Orchestra percussion, Cinematic sounds, Ethnic etc

Flex Phrase Pacs as well …

I would like better sampled/programmed guitars, the articulations sound a bit cheap and predictable. I agree, that they need better sound programmers to make use of EVERYTHING to the extent of what H5 can do.

The expression/articulation suits electronic well, but not so much acoustic.

All the expansion packs can be used in Halion.
Ok, it is not exclusive for Halion, but they are expansions.

Allmost any sample cd can be imported too, ranging from akai to kontakt and so on, so sourcematerial should not be a problem. I think it has very few use just to make another library with sounds that allready exist. But i do not say it is not possible, and maybe soon there will be something, since Halion 5 is allmost a year old.

Another way to get content: allmost any audio content can be dragged/dropped from the cubase main window in to Halion. The same for your 3th party vsti’s. Render your likings to audio, and drop it in halion.

And make some sounds of your own!

WIth the factory content alone and the init’s of the different engines your soundcreation possibilities are limitless.

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Try East West Ministry of Rock 1 or 2.
These are absolutely fantastic.
But i certainly confirm your thoughts that some very good heavy guitars would be a welcome addition in halion 5.

But ask a buddy of you who’s a guitar player to come over for a day and sample him. :slight_smile:

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Well Im aware of importing as I have imported number of other formats…
but that is not what we are talking about,
Real HALion Libraries for HALion from Steinberg …

In fact, it is not clear library format support restriction NI Kontakt 4 version. Very convenient to use HALion, but in many cases, have to use Kontakt, as many new libraries released for version 5, Halion which, unfortunately, does not support.

Is the option in kontakt 5 under files with “save as” not longer supporting to export samples + patches ?

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I think what people want are ready to go sounds, but to still have the access to see the layers, zones, KS and the stuff that makes them alive.
There is a time and place for designing sounds, but there’s also a time to make music!