New Context Menu

I think about something like this

I think that we need overhauled Context Menu in general.
Let’s say we have an audio event selected, look what we’ve got

The unnecessary huge Tool board eats up a lot of space and in the Menu we see a lot of functions which have no relations to the selected Audio Event. Just watch any Cubase Tutorial when it comes down to the search for a function in the Context menu, all those Cubase-super-teachers are twirling round the Menu with their cursor keep saying: “oh, where is it…, where is it…”. Now this Menu is not CONTEXT it looks more like “all we have Menu”. I think the Context Menu must be more sensitive to the selected things and to the different parts of the window. For example we can have Add Channel command in the Menu when the cursor is in the Tracks List section only, etc.

More choice on how to get stuff done is always good! +1

Guys, come on.
I’m sure it’s not a big deal for SB to revise the Menu, but we will have the most needed functions ready at hand.


IMO best would be if user could customize context menu, and exclude or include functions.


I think rather than have a static context meny, have an smart one instead that adapts to what ever you are currently working with… AND PLEASE REMOVE THE DAMN Standard Tools From The Context MENY…

+1! Context menus should always show functions in context with the object under the cursor ONLY, and shouldn’t contain submenus in general.

I want new context menu, the one we have now is a total mess.


+1 I set my 1-0 keys to shortcut to each tool. I’ve got that workflow down so nice, I don’t need a right click tool menu getting in my way.

Yeah why do I need midi operations as I rightclick a audio event?

I hope that Steinberg tries to get all parts of cubase to get some synergy and some plain access methods/menus whatever so it makes operating cubase more logical.

Bump again.


Time to bump

I am still a fan of the context menu which had no buttons at the top. I prefer the more logical menus.

I like the idea of more routing menus (such as send selected tracks to new group/fx) from the Arranger Window tracks.

More relevancy to the items listed for the current selection would be great.

Absolutely! Although I use many of the functions in the context menu occasionally, I never get to most of them via the context menu. It takes way to long to find what I’m looking for, given all the lines one needs to wade through.