New Controller Announced


For the love of god tell me there’s a high-end controller coming for Nuendo… If not, you really really blew it…

(I’m hoping that Steinberg reps are into “communicating” with the customers buying their premium product… but I’m not holding my breath…)

this one at least isn’t looking very high-end…
Looks like a gimmick. Not more.

picture from product website:

looks interesting and innovative, but bummed out…

Scribble strips are a must for me along with real faders. I’ve tried mixing on touch screen faders and now use it for plugin guis.

To me, there’s nothing like riding a mix with faders with your eyes closed.

I watched the video a few more times. I can see how they can be helpful for some. I suppose I would have to demo them to see if they would aid me at all in my workflow. I still for the life can’t fathom why there are no scribble strips. It would kill me trying to remember what parameters I was adjusting and looking down then up to the monitor making sure I had the right control.

They are neat though and I give tons of credit for being original in design.

A question I see around the net is are these steinberg software exclusive? I did see a configuration editor program.

Looks like they can work with other software.

Here is a deeper look:

Here are all the hands-on vids I could find:

The CMC-QC Controller

The CMC-FD Controller

The CMC-PD controller

I just got the latest model !!!
Hi End DAW Controller.jpg

You are recording Metal I suppose …


No, the Alpenthaler Yodel Dorks…
May they R.I.P.
It was a massacre…LOL


The new CMC controllers are indeed cheap, but not of cheap quality.
They are for sure not meant for the large mixing studio, but can still help out for a PRO.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Steinberg/Yamaha comes with a more high end solution also, but dear I state:

You have the great WK-Audio ID devices:

The very well working Avid Artist series:

The latest edition of the Artist series is a lot better also compared to earlier models. Don’t buy them used, make sure you get the latest (black) models.

And at the top there is of course the System 5 MC and System 5 consoles.

So stop the whining, INVEST in the controller you deserve.
With the System 5MC you’ll never have to buy another console again. Same goes for the ID console.



With all due respect; I find it curious that you spend energy to dig up a thread that hasn’t been active in over a month, only to respond to an expression of disappointment by calling it “whining”…

As to the rest of your post, the problem as I see it is this:

  • yeah, SB/yamaha might come out with a more high end solution, but it’s been a looooong time since SB got aquired, and still nothing. Not only that, but by not even hinting at something coming out within a reasonable future SB is likely to loose potential and current customers as they look elsewhere for better solutions.

  • WK audio ID are probably fantastic. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never seen one in real life. Because they’re “nowhere” to be found. I can’t go into Guitar Center or Dale or whatever in NYC and get a feel for it. I hope you don’t expect a customer to buy a $8-10k controller without even trying it, right? And I hope you don’t expect the retailer to say “Sure, we’d love to order one of these for you so you can touch it in the store, and then say ‘no, don’t want it’ so that we can either be stuck with the unit or with the hassle of shipping it back to Germany”…

Not to mention what happens if the thing breaks down… Compare that to the market penetration, ubiquity and support offered by Yamaha.

  • Artist series are good for sure, but I think some were disappointed that there’s nothing between the WK range and the Artist range, between $1,200 and $8,000 or so. Seems like a “sweet spot” to me, but I could be wrong of course. In addition, perhaps SB/Yamaha could do a better job at making a controller than Euphonix.

  • System 5 MC? I hardly think anyone is comparing these new things to that. Completely different segments of the market. Yeah, if one can afford the 5 MC then get that. I agree.

I do agree however that many people who make a living using Cubendo will find use for these new little things, and thus they’ll be “professionally used”.

I do agree that there is a big hole in the market between Artist series and say ID console.

Let’s hope someone can fill that hole.


I’d like to leap in here and say that anybody who is interested in an ID console only needs to get in touch with WK Audio. They have a great internal program for this where those users who want to get involved offer up demo time to prospective customers by showing off the ID in their facility.
Interestingly, this seems to work quite well for them - and apparently much better than having a battered demo unit in each store. Let’s be honest, with the next lot of touch screen consoles I think we may see a lot more of this approach too. I remember when the original dual touch screen Mackie thing came out years ago now, and the state it was in by the time a 3 day exhibition had ended was truly sad to see…