New crackle errors in cubase10.5.30 in WIN10

I am using Cubase 10.5.30 in the most updated WIN10.
I find that every time I hit the play button on a audio start or stop the audio, there is one significant crackle sound. Although this is not affect exporting audio, but it is really annoying my work and affect my judgement when editing.
I don’t know if this error is from the “disk”(I open audio performance for checking)Because everytime I hit any button such as play, mark point…the disk cache red light will on a very short time even I set the buffer to 1024.
My laptop is MSI GS66 UE10
CPU i7 10870H 32G ram 3Tb SSD
I hope this problem can be solved please help!
Many thanks!

The following video show the “disk” red light always flash