New cubase 11 activation code issue

Hey guys, recently I purchased a retail version of cubase 11 online or what steinberg calls a “new instance” of a license for a new system for a artist/producer that has learned how to work in 10.5. The problem is, when they sent it to me, the cubase 11 came with an “access code” that upgrades to version 12, and no “activation code”. I don’t need an “access” code, need an “activation code” for the “cubase 11” version that I purchased. I put in a ticket order last Tuesday for help from steinberg, they were "supposed to get back to me, but to no avail. I’ve been a fan of Cubase since 1998, and I can’t understand why im waiting this long for someone to get back to me. Maybe I missed something? I went thru “asknet” for assistance and they sent me to the main site which im still waiting for a response!
Please help!!

You will have to persist with Steinberg Support, which seems to be very busy at the moment.

Steinberg’s normal policy is to activate the latest available version of a product at the time the Download Access Code is used. This is a problem for those wishing to activate a version of Cubase lower than 12, as they get the same as a new Cubase 12 purchaser: a Steinberg Activation licence for Cubase 12 and no eLicenser licence for Cubase 11 and earlier.

Normally Steinberg’s policy works in the customer’s favour, but this is a specific instance where it does not. Steinberg also wish to phase out eLicenser. However, this leaves those needing a licence for older versions with no way forwards.

This is crazy David! I understand that they want to phase out the older versions, but do they realize that not everybody is ready for the new version 12??? And do they realize that older versions of their product physically still exists out there to be purchased??? I built a new system for the person who is currently using the 10.5 on windows 7 and he’s waiting patiently for me to get the new system with Cubase 11 currently installed on it, that’s waiting for an “activation code” for full use so he can gradually go to Cubase 12, once he get’s used to Cubase 11!! so frustrating!!

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This is another unintended consequence of the new licensing system.

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ok folks, update; according to yamaha, the U.S. partner of Steinberg, because of a grace period of Cubase 11 to converting to 12 thru that “access code” thing which has long expired, they’re not able to give an “activation code” to me for the physical version that I purchased…sooo, their response was to send the code/dongle or as they called “software” back to the seller, and see if I can purchase a used version of Cubase 11 with an activation code. I wanna scream at the moment but to what good will this do…so, for the sake of a dumb question, is there anyone here that has a “used” Cubase 11 with act code that they would like to sell or know someone that is willing to part with???