New Cubase 8.5 user switched from Digital Performer

HI Everyone. I recently switched from Digital Performer to Cubase on a 64 bit Windows system. I’m really enjoying some of the great features CB has to offer. Only had the program for a week but already making music with it!

There are a few techniques I used often in DP that I hope to approximate using cubase. I have typically tracked drums using my Roland TD 10, and then using EZ Drummer version 2 to play back the parts. In DP, I could actually go into my midi track performance and use a command called “split notes” which allowed me to grab all instances of a particular note - let’s say a D1 (kick drum) in that track, and i could move that note to a separate track where i could process it differently than the other elements of the performance. Basically I could separate the entire performance into its individual elements for processing in that manner if I so chose - kick snare toms cymbals all on their own respective track.

Is there a quick and easy way to do the same type of thing in Cubase? What is the process?

Thanks in advance for helping a Cubase Newbie!