New Cubase Extended Colour Palette for download

I’ve put together an extended colour palette for anyone interested.

12 rows of 8 darkening colours, followed by 6 half-rows of lightening colours (corresponding to the first 12 rows), then a row of greys, and finally 2 rows containing the original Cubase standard colours. These seem to work quite well for me so far.

Cubase Extended Colour Palette (13.5 KB)

Help yourself.



Thanks very much, I’ll take a look at these.

Wow, “Intel i7-8700K delidded O/C’d @ 5GHz (running at around 34°C on air!!”, I thought I was doing alright in that department… :wink:

Yeah :+1::grin:

And even maintaining 5Ghz on all cores when running AVX instructions.

Been absolutely stable for over 2 years now, including when heavily loaded during gaming, and when running benchmarks and stress testing.

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Many thanks for this, just what I was looking for. Very helpful.

Nice job! THX for sharing!

fantastic. thanks so much.

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