New Cubase users - Learning resources for beginners

As a reaction to someone who was frustrated because the Cubase manual was too big to digest I am happy to recommend these online resources:

And of course Google is your friend!

Cheers from Belgium.


And you completely miss out the best resource of all

Greg Ondo’s 4 hour live Q/a’s broken down and listed via this great resource . Over 21,000 questions answered

OH and don’t forget twice a week on the Cubase Youtube channel Tuesday and Friday’s, 4 hours of Q/a’s via email or the live chat will be answered by Greg . 6pm GMT .


For English speakers, I’d like to chip in with Born To Produce
I bought their Absolute Beginner course and received around 30 ten minute videos together with raw recordings of vocals and guitar. The videos take you step by step towards building the kit parts into a broadcast quality song. It took a while but I found it much more digestible than the manual! They do loads of other courses, most of them specifically for Cubase.

Thanks for this tip. This thread could become a ‘long list’ of useful resources.
I notice this site is not ‘for free’, but I don’t think that could be an issue :wink:


No, Born To Produce are not free, but if you’ve bought Artist or Pro I think a modest investment to learn how to use them properly is worthwhile. I like BTP because they’re modular, affordable and I felt that I got great value from them.
I think that a long list of useful training resources compiled by people who have derived genuine benefit from them is a great idea. Well done for starting it!