New Cubase wallpapers available

Hi all,

Please find the new wallpaper in various resolutions here:

My personal take of the splash window (hope that this doesn’t break any rule here)

So no Cubase 10 yet? :laughing:

Thank you so much! it’s my new wallpaper :slight_smile:

Am I missing something here? Cubase 9 still.

I guess the “Cubase est. 1989…” one is the one related to C10.5, even though no mention of C10.5 appears in the image itself.

If you do a “Save as…” you’ll see the file name is “csm_Cubase_10_5_Wallpaper_1920x1080_cc190ad418.png”

Could be that the top one refers to CB10/.5 , just if you do it, do it right. Missing Steinberg’s commitment even in the little things.

Yes, sorry. We’ll try to show a better performance next time! :unamused:

Here ya go. :slight_smile:

That looks stunning! :mrgreen:

So easy and in your videos I think I saw it once already on one idle screen :slight_smile:
Give Suprawill1 some bucks and case closed :wink:


I’ll just take a free upgrade from 10.0.50 to 10.5!

Just appreciating Cubase altogether. :wink: