New DAW....

Hello - I’m about to upgrade my DAW. I run Nuendo 5.5 with Lynx AES16e PCIe card (and Adobe Premiere CS5 for video editing). I’m trying to figure out what motherboard to go with. CPU wise I plan on an i7 (not sure which one yet). Any suggestions?

Thank you

Yes, I would look at Gigabytes P67 or Z68 motherboards. Asus should also work out fine. The chipsets is Sandy Bridge, and I would use an i7 2600k cpu. I only know gigabyte and Asus motherboards, and they’ve worked very good for me.

A better system, but also much more expensive system could be the Sandy Bridge-E (X79). But the current cpu’s (both 6 cores) is pretty expensive. It’s the fastes you can get right now for both music and video post stuff. But for “normal” money, the P67 or Z68 chipset mobo should be fine, and then add the i7 2600k cpu.

The good thing is, that you have an PCIe audio card, which makes it more easy to get your audio installed. I guess you have to need 8GB ram or more for your music, video stuff. Ram is very cheap today, so don’t save money on that :slight_smile:


Thanks SSL. Can you by any chance suggest a specific mobo?