New design for the MixConsole.

So, this is how I see it.

On the right hand side of the selected channel is the new appearance, on the left hand side is the existing one.

  1. Channel names doubled. (Setup Window layout like Notepad, Pictures etc.)
  2. Black lines instead of white, better to my taste.
  3. Extra white lines has been removed. Absolutely useless lines, because slots are visible we can easily define strings and columns, so extra white lines add more grayish to the picture and nothing more.
  4. Black lines instead of white. For me, black ones make it look more real (hardware).
  5. Once again extra lines were deleted, because all track pictures well centered and there’s no reason for additional separators.
  6. Knobs are smaller not glued together, so they stay further from the next channels knobs, letters look bigger, so much better.
  7. Separators must be in the fader zone.
  8. Fatter separators and rounded corners.
  9. I think that we could get rid of one extra tab by uniting Visibility and Zones. Invisible tracks could be black and we could change the visibility state by clicking on the track icon (see the arrow #9)
  10. Tiny white lines were added at the borders of the selected channel for better distinction.

So I prefer more real GUI, but not those that look like “drawn on paper”. That’s why I’ve never ever even thought about trying Studio One or Ableton.

I never liked the look of Ableton either.