new dither

will the new Izotope dither be available for cubase 7 users

That’s unlikely I think. Just like the Sonnox plugs aren’t available in Cubase - my guess…

No, its a WaveLab integrated plugin.
BTW, WaveLab 8 has now a special mode to make the dithering effect “really audible” (only for test purposes).

Hey PG,

Have you updated how Wavelab renders files. Once I upgraded to Ozone 5 and starting using the Mbit dither, my renders started taking much more time compared to Ozone 4 or Waves L2 as my limiter. Most of my processing is done with analog gear so I don’t use too many plugins, but when you get Ozone 5 and a UAD Massive Passive on the master it can take quite some time to render a 45 minute montage…and I have a Mac Pro which is pretty powerful.

Has the rendering engine or new mBit dither now in Wavelab been optimized for faster rendering? If I remember, Wavelab 7 can only use one processor core.

Most of my processing is done with analog gear

If you process with external gear, the speed is by principle the real time speed, as you can record faster than time… 45 min of audio will take 45 min.

Other than that, the MBit+ dither is pretty fast, faster than many other plugins.

Hi PG, sorry about the confusion. I meant to say that most of my audio is already processed via analog gear (using other software) so my montages don’t usually use many plugins. I’m not using analog processing in my montages.

It seems that there is something in Ozone 5 that makes the rendering take much much longer than Ozone 4 or Waves L2 as example. I’ll have to do some tests since I’m not sure what feature in Ozone 5 is causing the long render times. I typically just use the maximizer/limiter section of Ozone 5, but it might be the “transient recovery” or “intersample peaks” setting within the limiter section.

What I’m wondering is if the rendering engine is able to use more cores on the Mac Pro or if rendering times will remain the same as in WL7?

Whatever the DAW, a single plugin instance can only be used by a single thread/core at a time.
There is no change, there can be no change.
When different plugins are used in different tracks, one could imagine the use of multiple cores, but WaveLab don’t do this for the time being.