New dongle activation

Hi !
My dongle stopped working/blinking with red dot. License isn’t found it says.
I have different one, thanks I guessed to purchase 2 dongles instead of one.
Is that easy to activate license on new dongle, what I need to do? Because when I inserted new one it still shows no license, I thought it would catch up automatically.

I went to my Steinberg entered my account credentials and logged in, then I
get into Registration, “Register eLicenser” it asks me to enter elicenser number
So I entered xxxxxxxxxx(10digits)-xxxxxxxxxx(10digits) (has HDD icon) that one ?
but still no license , what else I need to do ?
Will that create license in new dongle without problems or I need to do something else ?

Thanks !


Rise support ticket, please. There is a process, how to replace an broken USB-eLCC, you have to follow.

There are too many links when I search support, can you give me exact link where I need to go to rise the ticket ?
there is my support/my requests and that page also

Where do I need to click, can you guide me a little ? Thanks.

I went to my Steinberg account and pressed “create support request” it leads to page which says:

“” ### Steinberg distributors
Individual support for you is provided by one of our Steinberg distributors. Please find a list of distributors on this page. “”

Is that correct page ?

Look for Zero Downtime

Ok thanks , I can run cubase now and I have 25 hours I guess , then what I need to do ?
As I said I have new eLicenser and inserted it into usb socket downloaded temporal license, how much time it will take to make it permanently usable with new dongle ? I mean like it was before.
Should I wait an Email or redownload something ?


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