New Dorico Update - Not Starting, Error


I just downloaded the latest update, and now Dorico is not starting anymore. The error message that the “Synopsos Application could not get started” appears, and it asked to re-download the latest version of elicenser, which I did - and still, Dorico is not starting.

Please help. Thank you!

And when trying to reinstall the update it now cannot even finish the installation…

Try restarting your computer, and then before you do anything else, run the Dorico 2.2.20 installer again. That should hopefully put things back into a working state.

Hi Daniel, thank you for getting back to me! I have restarted the computer several times already, trying to re-install the latest elicenser version and also the Dorico update, to no success…

It seems the connection between eLicenser and Dorico is not working. How can I reset that?

When updating, it asked me if I would grant full access to Synopsos, which I did not know what it was, so I denied access. That must have been the mistake, I am guessing? Is there a way to fix that?

You will find the solution here.