New Driver Update Please UR Series [Windows 11]

Can we maybe have a new driver update ETA for windows 11 systems please.
I don’t really know what else to say or ask for other than I am in a corner and will have to buy a different brand of interface if there’s no word, I can’t just sit here and twiddle my thumbs for the next 6 months hoping that something is happening behind the scenes.

-UR22 MK2
-Audio Dropouts
-Corrupted Data-streaming
-Loss of USB connectivity
-Tried all available fixes/firmware and driver combinations without success

P.S windows 10 also has the same unresolvable issue now after updating and then rolling back
PPS I couldn’t find a place to raise a ticket for residents of Australia

My UR44 is working fine in Windows 11 with the current driver.

Perhaps there is something else interfering with things?
Can be be very frustrating, many of us have been there. Back up then clean install is often best option, especially since it sounds like you’ve already done the rounds.
The loss of USB connectivity is particularly nasty - that’s not normally a driver issue.
Have you tried replacing the USB cable or power supply? Tried a different port or PC?

Yeah I’ve done everything. Clean installs, everything. It’s very long winded to explain which is why the original post was so brief. If I included everything I’ve done it would be pages and pages long.
Seems to be a compatibility issue between windows 11 and usb 2.0 that uses this specific driver.
I have no issues with any other sound driver or any other drivers at all.
And I’m not willing to risk getting a steinberg USB 3 device to test that.
When the system does not recognize the device, that device runs perfectly fine (except for data stream corruption which causes an occasional ungodly screech)
But when the system recognizes the device and it loads the presets/config for the USB connectivity. The USB power management goes haywire.
My guess is that there’s literally one number that is probably a -1 or a 0 that should be another value within the driver config that determines power switching.
But I’m not willing to change power switching and or voltages on my system and risk destroying it for the sake of a $300aud audio interface.
So all I can do is ask for an update or if there will even be an update.
The fact that there is complete dead silence on this issue which hundreds if not thousands or more of people are having is the problem that I’m currently facing.

This is what I mean when I say the device is not recognized by the system

If this is affecting Windows 10 even if you’re using the previous drivers, then this is likely a hardware issue. Try connecting your interface directly to your computer using different USB ports, or try another USB cable.

Windows 11 is fully compatible with most Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 drivers.

You can contact Australian support at the bottom of this page:

Thanks for your reply roman I’ll head there if i need to raise a ticket next time,
Honeslty. The unit has always been kind of dodgy, I have had it for a long time and it’s always given me some issue regardless of what process I’m doing. I remember now that when I first bought it I immediately tried to return it as it had issues with pops and clicks for the longest time. Then someone online recommended a random driver (that’s not listed on this website any more) and that worked just fine, until I switched to Windows 11. The original settings did not migrate across to windows 11 and were subsequently corrupted. I updated the driver and now it’s a paperweight. I have 2 ur22 specific usb cables and neither work and a 3rd midi specific cable that also doesn’t work.
Long story not so short I’m just going to buy something a little more robust unless a new driver comes out within the next week that I can try.

Just wanted to note that as of this weekend all of my local music stores have stopped selling the Steinberg UR22MK2 and all local listings from retailers have been removed.