new drum editor funct"show drum sounds with event" question

is there a way while “show drum sounds with event” is selected ,to see new events played from midi controller (keyboard) ?

right now let’s say i have kick and snare recorded and i can see their events in the drum editor, but when in drum editor and record on it live (Hi-hat for example) i can’t see them generated in real time,or after stop.only after closing and opening the midi part again in the drum editor.


You have to record at least one Note, and then trigger the function again. The filter is not updated automatically, it is updated at the time, when you trigger the function only.

Yep I can see that… Thought maybe its possible somehow…
Would be useful to had it in future maintenance update… Just to avoid unnecessary mouse clicks

I’m away from my project studio at the moment, and I’m not sure I even know what “show drum sounds with event” is about.

Are you saying the drum hits you record in real time don’t show up in real time in the drum editor in real time? You have to close the drum editor, then re-open it and then the newly recorded drum hits show up?

its new visibility function in drum editor in C8.5
i like it very much on drums,but i would like to see in real time also new added events by real time playing, or at least at stop for quick editing.

you can watch here from second 30 about the new visibility functions

Okay I understand now.

I think the drum visibility feature was one of the best new features with 8.5, but wish they would have worked even more on the drum editor, including this issue which I didn’t realize doesn’t work.

I think the ability to group and delete drum tracks using windows functions is way past due.

At least this is a start, and hopefully more work on the drum editor in C9 will happen.