New Elements 8 user (from Sonar) questions please...

I am a long time user of Sonar, however I have recently bought a Yamaha MOXF 8 and I thought having Cubase would make the workflow between the synth and DAW much easier as a lot of the Yamaha stuff seems to be geared directly at Cubase.

Now the question I have is are there an resources that can help with the transition? For example is there a list of the comparable shortcut keys between the two? Further, is there information on how one can modify tracks, bounce tracks to single clips, “Groove Clip Looping” (this is where Sonar will “Acidise” the clip) …these are just a couple of examples, but if there is some resource I can look at I am sure it would answer a lot more questions.



i would recommend you to watch thse video tutorials. Regarding to the KeyCommands, you can select Sonar KeyCommands, in the KeyCommands window.