New elicenser

I just purchased a replacement elicenser as my original was broken. How do I download my license which is registered at mySteinberg?

My product is Cubase 7 which was an upgrade from 6.5. Whenever I attempt to enter the activation code that’s there, it gives me some sort of message about an error for upgrading. Is there some so simple that I have overlooked it?

if the older key is still working you can plug both keys at the same computer, then drag and drop licenses (using elicenser software).

If the older key is completely dead you will need to contact support.

The new one is blank with nothing on it. I have my license for 7 registered on Steinbergs website so I was wondering how I get that license onto the new elicenser.

You will need both keys working at the same time to move license from the older to the new one. There is no way to use again an activation code. If the older key is dead, only support can help you (contact support inside My Steinberg area).