New Equipment By Steinberg <suggestion>

Equipment Build Request: 1U or 2U rack mount Line Mixer w/ Send/Return FX, 2 Channel Stereo Output and multiple channels for stereo inputs.

I think your company should make another attempt at selling rack gear. Only this time make them accessible for usb. Instead of building a rack audio interface build a rack mount multi channel line mixer with dedicated stereo output for sending to monitor or recording device. Include fx send channels. I’m looking at the studiomaster C3x and would love to buy this device only the equipment is not sold in America. Perhaps something along the lines of this device only referencing not to make your company feel like you are incapable of understanding what I’m saying instead only to clarify my point. I’m looking to buy a mixer for multiple keyboard-like instruments that require stereo channels and feel like the range of offerings for rack mount line mixers is very limited for price range. Maybe there’s a sweet spot your company could fill in.

If your company considered this I’m sure you would find a way to make the device uniquely yours and not to be exactly similar to anything on the market.

Perhaps what I’m really asking for is a more affordable summing mixer without actually calling it a summing mixer because that term usually denotes very expensive gear and the term line mixer refers to more affordable gear.

If you actually try this by the time the project is complete and ready for sale I will have already found a solution to my problem most likely. I might buy one from Denon, or Alesis, but I’m trying to find a way to get that british Studiomaster channel to america. They seem pretty adamante about not selling to America.