New error messages about Sequel

For some months, I have seen error messages when opening Cubase 12 Pro saying that Sequel (whatever that is – I don’t ever remember downloading it and I don’t think I use it) either has a time-limited license that has now expired or the license is missing. I have always ignored this warning as it doesn’t appear to affect my day-to-daywork.

But now, having upgraded from Windows 10 to 11, I am seeing additional warnings when loading any project (loading Cubase itself just gives that original warning). It now also says that “The Soft-eLicenser stored on this computer seems to be altered in an unrecoverable way. Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue”. Inside the eLicenser, it shows Sequel 3 highlighted in red with a license reference number and a now out-of-date expiration date.

It would be hoped that removing Sequel 3 from my PC would make all these error messages go away; but when I tried this a while back (before upgrading Windows) by removing it in Steinberg Library Manger (under Cubase/Nuendo), I just get a new warning message saying Sequel 3 is missing. I also don’t want to completely remove it if I might be entitled to reactivate it and it could be useful – it may be a good plug-in; I don’t know!

So, lots of questions: what is Sequel 3, how did I get it, do I need it and, if not, can it be properly removed so all these warning go away and eLicenser is OK again? Or should I try to reactivate it?

This may be one for Steinberg themselves, but I know how much combined knowledge is on this Forum, so I thought I would ask. Thanks.

Sequel: Free Music Making Software for Windows | Steinberg

Thanks for this. So, if it’s free software, it begs the question how come its registration can “expire” and start generating all these warning messages within Cubase?! I see it’s a Steinberg product, so I had better get onto them, I guess.
Thanks again.

Uninstall it using the Windows Programs and Features control panel or Windows Settings → Apps → Installed Apps?

Thanks. So uninstall then, presumably, re-install. Just wondering whether ( as has happened to me before) it won’t re-install because somewhere in the PC it thinks I already have it installed and there’s some kind of licensing conflict. But I guess I must try it and see.

I suppose, if you want to use it.

If you really want to install it make you use the Download assistant to do so.

But one caveat – since you haven’t said preceisely what the error stated, everything I say is neither true nor false, or, both :smiley:

Thanks, Steve. That’s good advice about using the Download Assistant. When I last looked, it seemed to be a straight download and install off the web site. I really don’t understand all the licensing stuff, but maybe that’s why it’s now gone wobbly.

You can also do it that way, in other words, manually.

Sorry, Steve, just a quick follow-up to your suggestion that I remove Sequel 3 in Windows using the standard Uninstall process in Control Panel before reinstalling it. The programme list in the Unintaller shows I have both ‘Steinberg Sequal 3’ and ‘Steinberg Sequal Content’. Should I uninstall both or just ‘Steinberg Sequal 3’ ? I don’t really want to get rid of anything I can’t re-load again through the free download from Steinberg.

Make sure it’s available in the Download Assistant first, then.