New Export Window organization/GUI/colour - DISCUSS.

It’s driving me a bit bonkers, maybe I’m just not used to it… or maybe I’ve right with my reasons.

See my Feature Request/Suggestions Export Window post, reply here or there.

My two cents would be to add the ability to both export to wav and MP3 at the same time. Just like Logic Pro does.

I agree with you, but I am going to quote myself from my other thread because I was actually focusing on the GUI and reorganization, not so much features present/not, but I agree.

There’s a combination of things here that I am personally finding disorienting.

First and I think foremost, it “reads” a bit like a Chinese book… Right to left, instead of left to right. The export button and format selection should be the last column on the far right. that export button is the last thing I look at even though ultimately it is what I want to hit.

Secondly, the different export options seem to be a bit scattered from each other. For instance, the ‘Add to project’ panel, should be together with the export button and format selection.

Third, I like the new Cubase colours, but for whatever reason - I cannot stand them in the export window. I think it is the combination of a.) Actually having something textual to read in Cubase whereas almost nothing else is apart from track titles and menus, and the close proximity of unrelated text all saying something else… white text on a dark background > :confused: >

The export window should be opposite background colour - bright, with dark text. wake up Cubase users out of their time warp music project daze and make sure they select the right export options and sample rate > :laughing: >

Maybe it’s the amount of coffee I’ve hard, but it’s giving me anxiety > :laughing: > I find myself looking left to right, right to left, triple checking everything more than I normally would like a squirrel crossing a road.

Maybe some disagree.

And please add a full file name preview to the bottom of the entire export window.

Why can’t we change the sample rate on the MP3?
The bit rate is now fixed at 160

Also the new naming scheme is really confusing. I want to add details to the file. Such as track number, artist name, album name, artist contributions like before.

I see… They moved it to attributes.

BIG + 1 !

(WL does this for years too)

and I would like to have this:

new checkmark: “let mono-channels mono in rendering process” !

There’s a graphical glitch in the Audio Export, under the Channel Selection box.
when there are alot of channels, and when I scroll down, I get “imprint glitches” of the horizontal scroll bar, such as in the attached picture:

Not being able to change mp3 bitrate is so freaking stupid. I wonder how they got this brilliant ideaof removing this option.
edit: moved to attributes. Now I feel stupid. :blush:
and it has been mentioned earlier. :neutral_face:

just wondering where i find the export to wav and mp3 simultaneously in WL 8.5. i can’t find it there.

to what kind of mp3 format DOES C10 export without giving the option of selecting specifics? 128/256/…???

It does… after selecting MP3… you have to go allllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way over to the far right column where mp3 settings are tucked away in ‘Select Attributes’. Cool new export window hey :blush:

see picture

love the illustration of a mad steinberg designer mind at work. unbelievable that something like that is possible to happen! it would take deliberation to create such a convoluted layout!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :exclamation: :question: :open_mouth: :smiley: :unamused: :laughing:

Yes I have the same glitch…it is quite a problem. Hopefully they will fix soon. Probably needs to be reported as an official bug in the bug report section.

Is there a checkbox so that the dialogue box closes upon completion?