new feature request: intelligent batch exporting of stems

A great new feature for cubase would be batch exporting that looked at the send effects for each selected track and automatically assigning the effects outputs to the same output as the selected track. If multiple stems sent to the same effect Cubase would then be smart enough to automatically switch the effects output as it creates the remaining stems. This would save me several hours weekly on mix stem creation for film and TV.

Not a bad idea but it seems the preferred way, at least from the point of view of the application is to have multiple instances of a particular effect, since there is no actual “'buss” that can be accessed otherwise than through routing.

Of course that is the way it works now. It’s perfectly suitable for songwriting, most demo pop mixing where a fairly large number of stems are not required and your track counts don’t often reach 300 or more.

For most of my work though where I need to write, cut, produce, mix and deliver numerous stems of 20+ minutes of hybrid/orchestral action music to a dub stage every week, adding more instances of send effects can make projects laboriously slow to work in to the point where it’s neither practical or efficient (even with a bleeding edge system). I’m sure I’m not the only user in this position.

Since redundancy is one thing that computer programming deals with fairly trivially, and send effects are really just inserts on their own audio tracks with buss assignments it may be very powerful tool for composers for film and TV where numerous stems are being requested much more often than they used to be. This one feature would save me (and others like me) hundreds of hours per year.

On a related note I’ve often wondered if I could create 1 or more projects using exactly the same VST rack-based instruments and seamlessly switch between them via “activate project” but unfortunately that is not possible at this time.