NEW feature request : UI screen sets .. read on

Hi dear Steinberg development team,
I was wondering if Cubase 6 will ever has the feature of saving UI screen sets and recalling it with a click of a button… similar to Skylight feature in Sonar X1.

I am a Cubase 6 user and was searching the manual for a similar feature but was not able to find it.

This is a big work flow enhancer because if you have near field speaker monitors … you will NOT be able to use 2 screens because you will need to put the speaker monitors really far apart to accomodate the 2 screens … hence I am using a single 27" screen … and need to hasstle with the screen layout to cope with the single screen I have.

challange: dealing with the numerous plugin windows and other project windows and deciding what should be shown and what minimized is currenly a challange :frowning: … if such a feature exist … please inform.

wouldn’t it be easier to arrange the window in a custom way … all resized to need and placed at the right place , then take a snape shot of that layout and save it , then recall it with a click of a button. we can have like 12 snap shots and that would be great … will improve workflow very much for many users.

your feedback is appreciated.


Look up “Windows Layouts” in your manual.

EDIT: Ugh… I meant ‘Workspaces’ when I said ‘Windows Layouts’. I don’t know why I called it that…

Workspaces is what you’re looking for.

Press W to open workspace window. Here you can create new workspaces either per project or globally.

Alt plus a keypad number recalls a saved workspace.

Check out further in the manual. Everything you’re asking for is already there.

THAAAAANKS A LOT !!! … YES this feature does exist :mrgreen: … only thing … I thought that it was used when I open a new project while one already open … then you switch projects and activate the one you want … but did not know that you can do that for the same project .