New feature suggestion: Shortcut for "Scottish snap" rhythm?

I particularly appreciate the way Dorico allows me to retrospectively apply a dotted rhythm to a selected group of notes with a single press of the full-stop key. It would be nice to have a similar facility to speed up the input of Scottish snaps (Lombard rhythms?) . It would seem that the comma key could be a good choice for this function as it shares a key with the “less-than” (<) symbol .
The “>” and “<” keys are used in ABC Notation for just this purpose.
As a relative newcomer to Dorico I am assuming that such a feature is not already hidden in there somewhere!

Out of curiosity I played around and found a few ways to accomplish this. One method:

  • Select the offbeat notes (filtering by rhythm is a long-standing request)
  • Set the rhythmic grid to half the value
  • Activate chord mode (Q)
  • Move the notes back with Alt and dot them
  • Fix the overlapping notes with Write > Edit Duration > Shorten to Next Note


  • Select the offbeat notes
  • Activate insert mode (I)
  • Dot the selected notes
  • Ctrl/Command-click on each bar to invert the selection
  • Set the on-beat notes to the right length directly

A third idea:

  • Move the whole passage later by the note value so it stars on the offbeat
  • Select the notes that are now on the beats and dot them
  • Move everything back again to start on the right beat

Quicker still is:

  1. Select the second note of the passage through to the last note.
  2. Hit . (full stop/period)
  3. Set rhythmic grid to 16ths (or whatever your short notes are).
  4. Alt-Left.

(Yes, this is more steps than Mark’s last option but the first step is much quicker than Mark’s second step.)