New features for "WAVELAB ELEMENTS 7"

Probably a long shot here but… is it possible to get a “Master Section Presets Button” on Master Section; Basic Audio CD; Batch Processing for applying processors to multiple files and maybe another effects slot in WAVELAB ELEMENTS 7? If not all, maybe just the Master Section Presets Button? This would be great! Thanks in advance and hopefully i’ll be looking forward to one of these features if not all! Thanks again PG! :question:

You already have a “Master Section Presets Button”, see attached picture. What do you mean, else?

There is a “Batch Conversion” tool in the “Utility menu”. This is not the batch processor as in WaveLab, but this is quite useful anyway I believe.

“Basic Audio CD”? There is no advantage of this compared to CD burning in the Audio Montage.
23-05-2011 05-49-14.jpg