New features in Cubase 9 if you listen to me Steinberg ?

In Cubase 8.5 is missing:

  • Split stereo track to mono tracks function
  • Range tool move to transient
  • fast conversion midi track to audio track function in right click mouse on tracks
  • listen in real time during playback of this section before recording (something like in Pro Tools) Do not switch monitoring. Tape machine Style is not perfect

If any of the functions in the program, please answer because I miss

You know somewhere you can submit the form to introduce new features?

Regards Wojtek

I agree to all of that except the last one.
For listen in real time, just open a monitor channel,activate monitor and record on a different channel. In that way you don’t have to use “tape machine style” or anything else. You can hear in same time recording channel and monitor channel, like with a real mixer.

make a ‘Baton’ performance tool, where you track the movement of the tip of the baton through a pad.

This should be programmed as a live performance tool, as well as a Grid to which events snap.

This would be a sophisticated version of applying snap points in real time.

The subdivisions of a baton stroke and the acceleration - deceleration should also factor in precisely.

An obvious function we need. Maybe incorporate as a rendering option.