New features request

A few features I hope could be added to make this excellent program even better. Sorry if these has been mentioned before, but I’ve tried my best to find out using the search options.

An option to deselect quantization, similar to tuplet detection, in the requantize dialogue.

An option to paste regular notes as grace notes and vice versa.
OR perhaps
An option to convert regular notes to grace notes and vice versa.

Thanks to the Dorico team if you’re taking time to read and reply :slight_smile:

If I understand you correctly, for ‘deselect quantization’ I assume you mean something like ‘force tuplet quantization’, similar to how quantization works in DAWs? If so, then you can often achieve this in the requantize dialog by selecting the highest note value in the top control, ie a quarter note.

No, I meant an option to disable quantization altogether, similar to the box we already have to diable tuplet detection. This is for (more) correctly displaying passages with smaller note value than 1/32. Currently these are bunched together in chords. This could also be achieved by adding smaller quintization values.

Everything in Dorico has to be quantized, because unlike in a DAW (where all events just have a timestamp, in terms of MIDI ticks), Dorico represents notes by their (quantized) notated position, but with an offset in MIDI ticks to show when it is to be played. So it isn’t possible to turn off quantization. We could consider making the smallest note value smaller than the current value. However I suspect that you have a trill or tremolo which I imagine that you would ultimately want to be shown, rather than some very small note durations.

Thanks for explaining. Midi interpration in 2.2 is of course greatly improved, but in a few cases I would have liked to have a ‘use 2.1- quantization’ (wich I thought was no quantization) option in the requantize dialogue, for consecutive display of the smallest notes.

In many cases these would then be renotated as grace notes, hence my other request.

There are ways around all this, of course, I just wanted to ask since I was looking for a more direct solution in these few cases.

In 2.1 notes imported from MIDI were still quantized, it’s just that there were many cases that weren’t notated well, which should be greatly improved in 2.2.