New flow repeats instrument name

With a Flow 2 (new movement) on the same page after Flow 1 the names get repeated. Even if I select Flow 2 below and choose no names on staves it deletes the names on Flow 1 too.
Can the names on Flow 2 only (and subsequent ones) be deleted?

No, I’m afraid not, because the options for staff labels are per-layout, rather than per-flow. Can you help me to understand your requirement here?

I’m simply recreating a published flute sonata that puts each movement right after the previous one on the same page with no repeat of names. The next movement is indented but without renaming instruments.
It’s a Carl Fischer publication where other works are treated similarly.
And a Schirmer edition of Telemann Suite doesn’t repeat names on subsequent movements. Although they start on a new page. Does that make a difference?
And Flows are meant to be used for movements are they not?

Flows are indeed meant to be used as new movements. Unfortunately there’s no good way to achieve this at the moment with the way Dorico’s options are set up. The only workaround I can think of would be to create a duplicate set of players each holding the same instruments as are used in the first flow, and assign these new instruments to the second and subsequent flows, editing the names of the instruments held by these players to be empty.

This feature would be greatly appreciated. At least for chamber music works, as far as I know every publisher only shows the instrument names for the first movement.

mth, you’ve commented on a thread that’s two years out of date. While there isn’t a specific feature for this, Dorico’s development has certainly made this easier. The quickest way is:

  1. turn off staff labels for ALL flows within Layout Options.
  2. select the time signature at the beginning of first Flow.
  3. Add a System Break (at the beginning of bar 1)
  4. With the System Break selected, set the Staff Label property in the bottom panel to show Full Names.

Thank you so much! This worked great. (I did search the forum but I couldn’t find your answer elsewhere on the forum.)

A small question - maybe not worth it to open yet another topic - is it normal that this layout change (and any other change in the Layout and Engraving panels) takes at least 10 seconds to apply when I click ‘Apply’’? My file is only 1.7 MB (the same file is only 350 kB in Sibelius before the import in Dorico via MusicXML), 35 minutes of string quartet music and I have the fastest 2014 Macbook Pro.

Thank you in advance again!

You’ll find that larger Dorico projects do slow down, and the biggest bottlenecks are where Dorico has to make a change (or a series of changes) throughout an entire layout (or multiple layouts). Adding/removing staff labels to every system in a 35-minute piece means casting off (calculating the system breaks) for the entire layout - it’s potentially a big job!

The fastest 13" 2014 Macbook Pro, or the fastest 15" 2014 Macbook Pro? If it’s 13" it’s dual-core (two processor cores) and, in my experience, you really need quad-core to be able to sustain larger projects. The Windows machine listed in my footer was purchased for exactly this reason - I couldn’t reasonably justify spending what Apple wanted for a new quad-core machine, but my 2015 Macbook Pro couldn’t handle larger Dorico projects.

Thank you. The fastest, which is the 15" quad core :wink:

Yes, it is acceptable for changes like this to be somewhat slow of course, not a big problem!