New flow starts always with "Flow 2"

Dear All,

When I start a project from scratch the first flow is called Flow 1.
When I use an old project, clear all flows and players, add a new player and flow, this flow is always Flow 2.
Sure, I can rename it but why is this number 2. Is there something remaining from the old project?


Have you checked File > Project Info?

Thanks LSalgueiro,

But when I delete all flows, Project Info gives only Project information, no flows.
When I start a new flow it starts with Flow 2. In Project Info there is no Flow 1…


I don’t think this is anything to worry about. If you only see one flow in the Flows panel, there is only a single flow.

Thanks Daniel,
I’m not worried at all, but the first flow in a project called “Flow 2” (2nd Flow is 3 etc.) is still strange…
But no problem.

Regards, Jack.