New Folk Track

Sorry for the confusion earlier. Here is a live link to the folk track.

I am based out of Nashville Tennessee and have a typical home studio. As a local bass player I have many opportunities to record various artists/styles which I think is going to be helpful for growth.

Here is a recording I did recently with a local artist Kiely Schlesinger. She has quite a powerful voice and is very easy to record. (This was my first attempt at recording stand up bass and violin.)

Happy listening!


Gear List:
Mackie Onyx 1640 - Preamps
Mackie SDR 2496 - Converters
RME 9652 - Sound Card
Cubase 7.5

Great singer !!! song’s good and for me the recording seems excellent, you’ve done a good job, nice clean production. :slight_smile:

ends a bit messy though :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin

Thanks Kevin!

Beautiful. This woman has a radio voice, and your mix is spot on! Sounds very professional!

Eratone - Awesome work all around! Who wrote the song? Very moving vocal performance with professional mix. Is this all home studio performances? What instruments are you playing Are you multi tracking this or is it live?

Well done from a another Nashville native. You might want to clean up the last hit on vocals, gtr and bass and get rid of noises at end but other wise beautiful job