New Forum. Its very white!

Anyone else find it hard to scan threads with the white nature of the new forum? Could the Rules and borders between threads be a little more vivid?

go to settings and select dark mode

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And where are these ominous settings ?
This hurts my eyes and drains the battery

It’s a mess isn’t it.

This is not progress, this is, lets make it impossible to find anything, then people won’t moan about the bugs…


Just found it… Goto your user profile, select Preferences / Interface. Color Scheme: Dark seems perfect. Save.

‘Dark’ should be default.

No more need for sunglasses on the forum… :sunglasses:

go to your account settings - top right hand side of the screen

starsprinkler beat me to it :slight_smile:

Done! Much better in dark mode.
Thank you.

Ok thanks I found it. Looks a little better. I dont find the divide between threads obvious enough for me. Its a modern minimalist thing I imagine but its not better. I find that a lot with modern web designs

Wow thats much better, nearly got a tan there…

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My first post in the new forum and I’m wearing shades … :sunglasses:
… but not because I’m that cool.
But seriously, I know there’s a dark mode but is there nothing in between? I find the high contrast of both dark modes equally painful, and there’s an awful amount of screen real estate wasted, at least when viewed on a regular monitor. Other than that, good so far, nice to see things getting a more modern twist, sad to say goodbye to old phpBB (you did the state some service!).

@Steinberg_Archived Web Designers,
Please add more color options for the interface.
Only White and Dark option is not very users friendly.
There are lot of colors between Black&White that you can add for us (users).
Please more color options.

Yeah I agree
The new look,is too white,I have switched to the dark mode,much better
But maybe a few colour options be great. For example, lets say I like a soft green thats easy on the eyes,lol :grinning:

It’s a myth that white drains more battery, UNLESS you are using a phone with an OLED display. Just sayin’ :slight_smile:
Anyway, Discourse has so much plugin and styling support, it’s crazy. You may be able to find plugins/greasemonkey scripts that work with the existing themes to make them even snazzier. It’s a very popular forum software, and, I think, for good reason!

Is it not possible to change to Dark mode if you’re not logged in?
It should be… or make Dark default color.

Seems one are forced to login just to not get white-blinded?

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