New function "Bypass original"

Thanks for the new function “Bypass original” (processed signal minus dry signal) in Wavelab 7.1 !!
It’s really useful on subtle plugins (f.i. Sonimus Satson, Voxengo Warmifier) to hear what’s going on inside.
It’s just great to have such function in realtime !

Agreed! I recently noticed this too – fantastic addition.

This would be really cool if it worked for clips and tracks. In the master section I say… ehhhh, no thanks.

First, the master section isn’t dynamic, but a static processor, so it’s use is always limited to those effects that never change (dither, final limiters, etc). Second, it’s not as easily recalled/linked to what’s up, so it’s not something I like to use in critical sessions - I use “track” effects, where PG intends me to use “master section”, only it’s dynamic to the extent it supports multiple tracks with independent effects (clips are obviously pre-track, unique processors, fully automated).

Kind of cool, but hard to use where it lives. Like ASIO plugs (which don’t really work on my mac very well in render situations - lots of drop outs etc).

I can’t agree to your formulations.
While it might be true for your personal way of working many other people make extensive use of the master section using all types of processors in many different combinations. In many scenarios this new feature can be very helpful. Also, it is just not true, that the master sections setting can’t be recalled/linked easily because they CAN be easily linked and recalled with the two little buttons at the very right bottom of the window.
Sometimes it might be helpful to adjust the way of working to the given possibilities rather than saying “This is how I am used to work, this is the only way it can be…”
For example: If you have an assembly of tracks that you want to put together in the montage for an album it might be a good idea to process critical tracks independently in the audio window (double clicking in the left upper corner of the clip opens the track in audio window) through the master section, make use of the new feature and then either render in place or render to new file and replace audio in montage.
After having processed these critical tracks independently you can still go on with your workflow and use clip and track fx on your album and use master section only for dither or final limiter.
Of course: If this new “bypass original” would also work on track and clip fx it would be even better, but I think it is worth to acknowledge that here a very helpful feature has been implemented, even if it does not suite for all needs and all worksflows.

I hear ya Lutz and happily acknowledge it’s a useful and cool feature.

I’m not at all averse to changing my way of working, but multi-stage, automated DSP is a non-negotiable requirement of my job, not a nice to have. To recall and swap out individually saved master sections, then render them one by one for each song of a 12-18 track album would triple the time it takes to master a record. The unavoidable result of that: My work costs 3X more or I get paid 1/3 my current wages. Sorry, neither is acceptable or even viable (too busy - there aren’t 120 working hours in a week).

Further, the master section’s save/recall via menu is an unmanageable approach to mastering processing - the menu would grow miles long in a hurry if you save a master section for each song. Opening a file requester for each song isn’t exactly efficient. Finally, it creates one extra file that must be managed, outside the sounds and project file itself. Less efficient by definition, and certainly more opportunity for things to fail.

But again, this feature is useful and cool, even if not so hot for my workflow. It would be more useful and much cooler if available in other parts of the app. I’m a patient man, so I’ll hope and wait.

PS: I searched for this feature in the online Help system, but didn’t find it at all. The only way I found it was the 7.1 “What’s New” file. More proof that the online help system isn’t so helpful, even in areas like this where it SHOULD be better than pdfs or paper. In theory it should be updated and improving along side the program, and never ever out of sync with features. So much for theory. Just another way our non-docs suck and fail.

Dave, I think I can now better understand your point of view.
If it is technically possible I am sure PG is already thinking about implementing this feature for track and clip fx, too…
And I agree with what you said about the help system: new versions and new features should automatically include an update of the online help.

Is this new function not available in WaveLab Elements, or is it that I just can’t find it, :stuck_out_tongue: @me?



Only in WaveLab.

Ok, thanks, I guess I can live without it :wink: .