New glue tool behavior in 5.5?

in v2, 3, 4, 5 If I cut a piece out of an audio region and used the glue tool on the first bit, it would reconnect to two and fill in the missing peice like it was never cut out.

in 5.5, the glue tool now takes the two peices and creates an event around them, with out “healing” the gap.

Is there a new feature here somewhere that I’m missing? What is the new method for this task?

This is from the manual

Gluing events together
You can glue events together using the Glue Tube tool. There are three possibilities:
•Clicking on an event with the Glue Tube tool glues it together with the next event on the track. The events do not have to touch one another.
The result is a part containing the two events, with one exception: If you first split an event and then glue the two sections together again (without moving or editing them first), they become a single event again.
•You can select several events on the same track and click on one of them with the Glue Tube tool.
A single part is created.
•When you hold down [Alt]/[Option] while clicking on an event with the Glue Tube tool, this event will be glued together with all following events on this track.
You can change the default key command for this in the Preferences dialog (Editing–Tool Modifiers page).

Here’s just one example of why this isn’t really working for me…

I work fast, occasionally my timing is off and I start dragging prior to hitting option/alt… and I move the peice of roomtone instead of making a new copy with the drag. It has always been faster to just continue with the peice, and when I go back to that part, glue them together in stead of undo and start over…

So now I have these bits all over my edit that need to be healed… how do I do it… Obviously I can drag it back together and crossfade but can’t I just make it one piece again?

Hi Jesse,
although what’s stated in the manual still applies, I’ll check if the functional change you describe was an accident in the 5.5 update or if it was a technical necessity.
Thanks for pointing this out.


any news on this one as it is a little bit annoying when you are used to the normal/old behaviour…

+1. The new behaviour is logical, but very annoying. We need a key command that makes the glue tool “heal” the gap between a region and that which follows, assuming that audio on either side has not been moved.

This has bitten me big time, today - given other problems with 5.5 I’ve ony just moved to it from 5.1. I have a long tape of sounds to regionalise. I’ve used “detect silence” to take out the gaps. In subsequent editing, I find that the function has removed gaps within sounds (the spaces between alarm beeps or telephone rings, for example). I don’t want that. I cannot undo, because I’ve made other edits. Previously, I used the glue tool and it would “heal” the gaps; now it makes a “part”, but retains the gaps. It’s very fiddly to work around this.

Modifier key, or “healing” function, please…

And it’s back to 5.1 on this current job, for me, because this new behaviour has wrecked an established, and very time-saving workflow.

Please, whilst I totally support new features and the refinement of old ones, do not completely change the way a function works without making the “old” behaviour an option. Because many of us have established workflows that utilise the existing behaviour. This is the second “updated” function that has caused me to return to 5.1 (the previous one - disappearing automation nodes - has thankfully been reverted in 5.5.2).

And, like the disappearing automation nodes (which was purely cosmetic, but removed information from view entirely unnecessarily) this new glue tool behaviour seems to me to be lacking in sense. Yes, it might be more logical that the individual events are left untouched and hence they become a “part” when glued, but all that has happened is that the glue tool now mimics the existing function, “events to part” which is - and always has been - readily available as a menu item and key command. Hence we now have two separate functions that achieve the same result. The previous “healing” function of the glue tool has been removed altogether.

Can I request that Steinberg please revert this behaviour, or add a modifier key to exact the old behaviour, or (most illogically) add back the “healing” process as a new tool.



I’m pretty sure Nuendo programmers are getting bonuses from Avid at this point.

If they aren’t, they totally should.


Guys, it’s only been 6 months. Give Thorsten some time.


6 years has not been enough time in many cases.

They NEVER admit they do mistakes. :unamused:

Would it be possible to get a comment from one of the Steinberg reps on the board re. this topic?



This has not been addressed - neither here, nor in 5.5.3.

As stated, we now have two ways of performing one function, whilst another - which I use a lot - has been removed.

Very frustrating. Again.


Some comment on this issue would be really appreciated. The loss of this simple function means that I am still spending a lot of my time in 5.1…


Please - can we have the “healing” function of the glue tool returned? I know I keep banging on about this, and that nobody is listening, but I am having a lousy day, anyway, and having to hop backwards and forwards between two versions of Nuendo because of the illogical removal of a function that is central to a workflow is not helping.