New graphic card for nuendo's video


I’m building a new PC with Z690 MB that has no graphic.
What card do you recommend for nuendo and to playback videos correctly ?
it’s a water cooling system and I do no video game so I would appreciate a no fan GC but… I don’t know if any specs is required to have video running ok.
For the moment I have a AMD RADEON HD 6800.
I have to put a 100msec Offset in video playback in nuendo and I can’t play any HD video or anything >1080p else it’s laggy or stuck. Also I realised that some VSTi animation would hurt my CPU… well that new proc is i9 12000ish k so I guess it’s going to be better then my i7 2600k

What are you guys using ?
(ps I bought the DNxHD thing but never solved my problems)

More of a cpu issue I think, or a drive/bus bandwidth issue. Build the rest of your new system first and change gpu only if you need to is my recommendation.

understood thanks for help

That’s the problem of the complete system (very old) and a good graphics card would accelerate the video playback. The HD6800 is outdated…

Do GPUs actually “accelerate the video playback” in Nuendo though? If it’s H.264 decoding is done by the CPU I think. And if it’s DNxHD/HR it should be more of a bandwidth issue than GPU performance.

Regardless, if possible there’s no harm in upgrading the card later. Obviously if money is there then get a new card first and keep the old one as a spare.

“Outdated” for pure video playback isn’t what it used to be. And actually, if you have a spare screen it might be more economical right now to get a Blackmagic Design playback card instead and use the old HD6800 for the GUI (or if the new CPUs have it integrated).

I always saw here or there this blackmagic card. But have no idea what I would need really from their stuff. And how is it different from GCs ?

Well to the extent that a GPU actually has to do work to output video I think a BM card is likely a better option these days since video cards are disgustingly expensive now. I think traditionally we separated the GUI card and a dedicated output card because the latter could convert formats on the fly to match monitors etc, and also could output cleaner picture than simply making a video full-screen and blowing that up on a desktop/GUI monitor. Also you got different connector types like BNC and so on, though now it’s likely mostly HDMI or DP.

I do think though that BM cards only allow for a dedicated video image, not a desktop output, so it’d only make sense if you had a dedicated monitor/tv for the movie to play back. You wouldn’t gain another screen for your desktop assuming it hasn’t changed.

Oh and sync is likely different. Not sure if it’s better, but different at least.

I’ve done just fine using my “old” Radeon VII for a few years now. Hate AMD GPU drivers but the card itself is great.

I use a BlackMagic Decklink Mini Monitor 4K in my Nuendo rig. Best $195 I’ve ever spent. I have a 1050ti and it struggled with video playback. Popped in the Decklink and smooth as butter now. There are also dedicated resolution controls in Nuendo for the Decklink, as it is an officially supported video playback card by Steinberg and BlackMagic.


Yes, it is a dedicated video image and the OS can’t use it as a “desktop” monitor. However, if your monitor has two inputs, you can use one input for the BlackMagic card and the other for your video card. This way you have an additional “desktop” monitor simply by switching inputs on the monitor. This approach works great for me, as not all of my projects involve video.

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OooH ! great info thank you. I didn’t know that. Yeah to bad you can’t switch in software to desktop… because I don’t use video full screen all time really.
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I think i’ll try one… my monitor has multiple input. I just don’t know if i can select wich to use with buttons on monitor or if I have to physically use only one of the inputs.
If it doesn’t work I’ll upgrade to other monitor later.

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