new ,groove agent 4 coming

there is no date for the new GO 4 bud steinberg got probably some ideas on the table
i am so happy with this news i wonder what the price is going to be

  • updating from GA 3
  • hoping this will be possible updating from Groove agent ONE that comes with cubase pack

whe truly need a beat monster :smiley:

MPC or TR style groove agent thinking steinberg is going for the MPC style

what i want to see :

  • the edit window : osc , filter ,envelope ,mod in 1 window
  • mixer and routing window in 1 window
  • internal effects window
  • sequence window
  • performance window (use for live performance)
  • loading multiple drum kits
  • sample edit and knob value display
  • quick control knobs
  • a lot of drum kits
  • sound library window


I really hope it will be compatible with OS X Mountain Lion:-)