New Groove3 Halion 5 Tutorial out now!



I bought this after getting H5 last night and tbh it hasn’t helped one bit after going through the videos. Not to say its useless because I learned some things but all in all for what I wanted it for wasnt what I thought it was. Apparently there is a H4 getting started series which probably would’ve been better for my needs. Maybe its cause Ive been drinking all night but honestly I cant do anything in halion that I couldn’t do before, which was nothing. I still dont even know how to pull up one of the vst’s! I hate complaining about something trying to help someone but I really didn’t find this usefull.

What does that even mean? H5 is a VSTi. It doesn’t host them.

What about the included synths? I thought those could be used inside halion. I must’ve misunderstood. I knew I couldn’t host other vst’s inside it tho. Either way I probably shouldn’t have been trying to learn halion after that many beers!

The synths are the zones. Add a zone and there is adropdown on the edit page to choose sample, grain, synth and drawbar

Oh I know exactly what ure talking about, thanks. Ill try it out when I’m in the studio later


I’m just getting started to dig deeper into H5’s editing environment.

Questions : I’m trying to figure out how to have multiple types of synths reside in one program ?

i.e. I’m guessing this is done via having multiple layers in one program. But, I can’t figure out how to exactly add another synth, grain, or sample layer to a program that has for example one synth layer.

Any help here would be appreciated.

PS. I have lots of other questions, but I won’t mix them up in this thread.


1 zone = 1 of the engines
Add more zones to combine.
Flow is top to bottom inthat top right panel.
Layers are complicated. You kind of need to read and play
E =

Thanks for the explanation.

I’m reading the manual, but not the most intuitive/exciting way to learn Halion 5 :wink:

I will also check out the Groove3 H5 videos. Hopefully Steinberg will also add some more in-depth and more detailed H5 video tutorials on their Youtube channel.


youtube my friend …try youtube. You will be surprised at what you find :slight_smile: Hope this helps…


I’m not big on the tutorial stuff … it’s usually pretty basic. The basics of H5 are pretty straight forward once you understand what each panel shows.

There is a good YouTube of someone building a bass sample set in H4 I think. That is really good for the basics of using the sample zone.


I have not used Halion 4, so…Is Halion 5 pretty much very similar to Halion 4 as far as making your own samples ?

In addition to their new Halion 5 tutorials, Groove3 also has in-depth Halion 4 video tutorials, so would the H4 tutorials apply to Halion 5 ?

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.


HALion 5 is 100% what HALion 4 is, plus much more. The layout and everything else about HALion 4 is identical in HALion 5, but there is more if you want to use it, in very sensibly laid out places mind you. You will feel right at home with HALion 5 and will not have a single issue I would imagine. If you want to use the new additions, they are right there to do so, if not, you can feel free to use it just as you did HALion 4. You will love the update, trust me.

Thanks for the helpful feedback.

All The Best,

I checked out the H4 tutorial and I found it alot better for just starting out as Ive never used halion before. Made some of the stuff in the H5 tutorial make sense. Im gonna go back and watch the H5 ones later as I didnt finish the whole series

after watching the video I wish you guys would have gone deeper into the Sample section of Halion 5.
I ve missed things like creating velocity layers/ using megatrig for articulation/ integrating MIDI Modules /making a Drum Patch from scratch / for example and a bit more of tips & tricks