New Guy

Hey ppl im new here I was wondering if somebody could help me out I would really appreciate it I was trying to look for older posts but could not find them…anyway so im using Cubase 7 and im using a 2i2 focusrite interface now the problem is im getting signal from mic even with the gain all the way down on my interface. I never noticed it before because i would use direct monitoring on the interface itself and it wasn’t noticeable but i started monitoring through the daw because it sounds a 1000 times better and now i noticed it…i can hear signal and the green halo wont even light up until im right up to the mic…is this normal or is something defected…keep in mind i have learned a lot about this daw in a year but im still learning so any help is much appreciated thank you in advanced…and if you do know of some older posts pls post links thank u.