New H4 Libraries when ?

would like to see ethnic, percussion more acoustic and drum kits :slight_smile:

More acoustic samples would be great. Any statement from Steinberg, if something like this is going to come in the next time?

The thing about Steinberg is there never any 3rd party for there
products… I have Kontakt but would rather use Halion only…
I have HS and H4 in the instrument rack. then add synths to
instrument tracks as I go along :slight_smile: and now with retrologue and
padshop. Steinberg instruments is all I use…
yes I imported a few in Halion and build my own sounds…
just would be nice to see more content


I really enjoy the factory ethnic sounds also. Dedicated ethnic/acoustic sample pack would be great!

Anyone tried Neo Soul Keys? I bought it and it’s great!
Never had a better sounding Mark 1 as a Multi sample.
I’d like to see some better drum kits. The only ones in the
factory content that I’d use are the SR Kits… But you’re not
able to route them as the sample layers are not visible in the program tree.
So you cannot really use them.

So it’d be nice to see something like Groove Agent 3 as a program
in HALion. Or something comparable to the NI Abbey Roads Kits.

I definitely agree! Steinberg should transform the Groove Agent 3 and the Grand 3 libraries for use in HALion 4. Also, it’s a shame that it’s not possible to use HALionOne Synthesizers (VST Sound Intrument Set) in HALion 4. So, before creating new libraries, I think that these older ones should be revived first.

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Would SB consider H4 library support for those folk at 8DIO…? Bringing their products direct import capability into H4, instantly expands and boosts H4’s reputation/audience - and also amongst other library builders/content creators.

Maybe something of this is already possible…? On 8DIO site they only ever mention NI Kontakt as a required host (though some sound libraries are available as *.WAVs). Maybe its a two-way thing; maybe some more negotiation is needed to get this to fully happen…

Well, just had a note back from 8DIO on this - they recommend I consider buying Kontakt. They currently have no plans to transfer their products into HALion, because and I quote, “…Kontakt’s features are far superior.”

No mention of which version of HALion they may have been comparing.

I guess they compared it to H3. The feature set of H4
is genius!

Doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. I also miss some things.
But I rather build stuff in H4 than in Kontakt.

More ETHNIC stuff for Halion, please!

I think they aim at Kontakt’s scripting part.

Sure. But you can do lots of the stuff with the MegaTrig, too. So that cannot be reasonable.

I think you underestimate the power of Kontakt’s script editor.
MegaTrig can only do some conditional execution on callbacks, and even those are very limited. You can’t compare that with the Kontakt’s Script Processor, it’s not even close.

Nah, I don’t underestimate Kontakt. I use it myself and I’m always impressed by the
quality of the new libs. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot build high quality libs
for HALion or other samplers. To be honest I think they prefer Kontakt because it has
the most users who are willing to spend their money on it. And that’s reasonable.