New Hardware


I’m planning on upgrading my hardware. I currently have Cubase 7.5 installed. my question is:
When i do a format and install a new motherboard + processor and reinstall windows can I still install my current version of Cubase 7.5? I’m a bit worried about my registration as I’ve heard a lot that installing a new motherboard is a bit like getting a new pc. So I’m worried that the software will think I have new PC and my registration key won’t work anymore. Am I wrong?

thanks a lot!

Your registration key has been used…it does not work a second time.

If you have Cubase 7.5 full your licence is on a USB elicencer that you can move to any PC and run Cubase…if you have a lesser version maybe you have a soft elicencer in which case you will probably need to run a reactivation process via your MySteinberg account.

I have a USB elicencer. So I guess I’m safe.