New ideas

Hi there , i have a question, if i have an idea witch can make big improvement in the host , steinberg will pay for it?

Thank you

Aloha A,

IMHO probably not.
But I am sure they would love to hear/read it just the same.
They probably have a ‘division/department’ for that precise reason. (HR etc)

If you don’t want to reveal it because you
believe it to be a $$ making idea,
there are places like ‘
where you might get funding to exploit it.

But trying to ‘sell’ ideas to major businesses;
good luck wit dat.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: appreciate your help , anyway waiting reply from few company ,and then will see :slight_smile:


An idea is no good.
You will need knowhow and a practical demonstration of the idea.
For yourself, write down the idea and then see how much sense it makes to you and whether you have written a good description that others will readily understand.
See how many elements the idea has and test each one to see if it will fail at a point you have not considered.
That’s what an engineer or an experienced ideas development department will do.
That’s how they “steal” ideas. They find a weak point, which there usually is, and insert their own improvement and then your idea plus their improvement means that it’s no longer your idea. Unless it’s clearly radical and then very rarely.

If you think the idea is worthwhile then you should also take steps to enable you to prove that you had it first. One way to do this I believe would be to post yourself the description, or you could lodge it with a lawyer. Then maybe you could apply for a patent, a long drawn out process requiring dedication to the idea. If granted then Steinberg and other people may well licence it. For example, SB licence MP3 from Faunhofer, elastique I think from someone, and Korg licence Karma from the Karma chappy. It happens! Good luck.


Thank you guys for the reply,
Mike ,this is what I am planing to do if I didn’t
Hear from them :slight_smile:


You can’t patent an idea.

Until you call it a “design”. :mrgreen:
Otherwise, correct.