New iLok Manager

Updated to the new iLok manager last night to install omnipressor and eventide reverbs,all went well, switched off and left it.

Turned sytem on today, first came up in choose to launch in safe mode etc, loaded ok, then!!! It went all FUOM.

C7 spent ages trying to find plugins, couldn’t find a load of them, eventually landed in project and all custom preferences are gone, back to dark grey right across the displays as it was before tweaking to suit eyes. Half plugins were not loaded/missing etc so it seems to have completely trashed all the preferences.

Went back to a disk image restore and all perfect again except iLok wont recognize the eventide plugins or EW Play:roll:

Sent mail to iLok, usually get an answer quite rapidly there, but no response so far.

Any one else had problems with the new iLok manager and the new Play (it is a bit buggy still)

Yes, the new iLok Manager has been a nightmare for many people.
The info on their support page does usually get thing up and running again (but take care to follow their instructions exactly :wink: )…;jsessionid=00093b4b85199a104088e23f91f7

Thanks for that, really appreciated :slight_smile:

I spent all of yesterday trying to get EWQL Play to work with Cubase. It’s a nightmare combination, with one problem after another.

Play isn’t quite as bad if I use it in Reaper, but I really need the Cubase MIDI and notation features.

I installed that new (August) ilok license manager cause I had problems with my mp3 license in PT 10.3.7 and it damaged all my system (Win 7-64) plug in lost, PT license missing, PT errors on start,etc.
My solution was to install the iLok license manager from PT installer and now everything seems pretty fine (I was demo Omnipressor btw).
Check this installers
or this article

Despite the articles refer to a different issues those maybe could help you.


I won’t be updating my iLok, then. Thanks fore the heads up!

Never had any problems what so ever with 2nd revision iLok or EW Play, just the new iLok manager software, it’s all back to normal now from disk image thank goodness though minus the omnipressor.

Will try again. Not bothering with new Play release yet, leaves a lot to be desired from what’s been said in reviews and forums. Its just a bit frightening to see how how upgrading a seemingly independent copy protection OS can trash an entire system, but at least it’s not SB’s fault :slight_smile:


Done uninstall and then completed a new install (only iLok Manager) and thankfully it’s all working correctly :sunglasses:

The new manager is far quicker and easier to use, even if it is only to register a new licence.

Very happy bunny here today. Many thanks for all the input, greatly appreciated :slight_smile: